Piotr Malecki  specializes in documentaries with...
Piotr Malecki working hard on the set of "George and George on the Lake", summer 2017. Photo by Filip Cwik

  email: pioter@it.com.pl
  tel: +48 602 235954


Piotr Malecki specializes in documentaries with great deal of verite filmmaking. His documentaries have been screened at many film festivals including DOK Leipzig and Krakow Film Festival. 
Piotr completed the DOK Pro, a documentary directing course at the Wajda School in Warsaw, studied cinematography at Radio and Television Faculty of Silesian University in Poland and photography at the Bournemouth & Poole College of Art in UK

Piotr is working as a director and director of photography, specializing in documentary films and verite filmmaking. He runs a boutique production firm Short Docs Media Piotr was also working as a cinematographer on a feature-length documentary co-produced by David Lynch. The film is in production.
Since 2021 Piotr regularly works for ABC News. Since 2017 he has been a Canon Ambassador.

His debut feature documentary, "Our Little El Dorado" is in post-production stage. It is being co-produced with Canal Plus Polska and co-financed by the Polish Film Institute.

His projects have been developed in the programs of Doc Lab Poland
"George and George on the Lake" documentary short was selected to be a part of IF/Then program run by Tribeca Film Institute.

For years Piotr was working as a photojournalist, shooting for the worldwide media - The New York Times, The Guardian, Stern and many others.
Transitioning from photojournalism in the beginning of 2010's, he started out with short multimedia pieces, which were published by magazines - including The New Yorker, The Los Angeles Times and The Atlantic
His commissioning clients have also included The Washington Post, Open Society Foundation, British Red Cross and Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations. 

Selected documentaries

- Personal Portrait / Portret Osobisty - documentary mini series (2017-2021 42’, 47’, 46’, 27’)

- The Leader / Lider (31', 2021)
- George and George on the Lake / Jerzy i Jerzy na Jeziorach (29’ 2018) / premiered at Krakow Film Festival
- Out of the Blue / Budzik (33’  2015) / premiered at DOK Leipzig


Film awards:

For „George and George on the Lake”:
- 2-nd audience award at the YachtFilm festival, Warsaw, 2018
- Nomination to Jan Machulski Independent Cinema Award, 2018
- Honorable Mention - Kameralne Lato festival, Radom, 2018
- Special selection at the TRIBECA IF/Then Shorts Central & Eastern Europe pitch competition at East Doc Platform in Prague. 2018

For "Out of the Blue”:
- Special Award - Cinema with the Soul festival, 2017¨
- Best Documentary Award - Grand OFF festival , 2016
- Gdansk Doc Film Festival - Nomination to Gate of Freedom Award, 2016
- Jihlava - Silver Screen Award nomination, 2016

- Multimedia Happy End Festival – the Best Protagonist Award for „Wika”, 2012
- POYi (Pictures Of the Year International) Multimedia Photographer of the Year 2-nd Award, 2012
- First prize (group award) in FotoWeek DC’s Documentary and Experimental category, for "A Thousand More" 2012

Piotr Malecki photographer and filmmaker

Photojournalist, filmmaker and DOP.
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