Documentary Films

(Nasze Małe Eldorado)
Documentary, 59 min, 2024
co-production: Canal Plus
co-financing: PISF

Warm and humorous observation of rural Poland. A village commune is struggling under enormous debt. Search for the responsible reveals a personal tragedy of its mayor. Did it influence his overambitious actions?
(Portret Osobisty)

Documentary mini-series, 4 episodes

41' 46' 46' 27'  |  2021

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A mini documentary series about work, thoughts and dreams of the top Polish photographers. As part of the yearly project "Personal Portrait", they were invited to take portraits of random people who had volunteered to become their models.  Each of the photographers had complete freedom of style and place of work. The film takes us on a psychological journey through very different, strong personalities, a real kaleidoscope of different characters and philosophies. Film is not only about photography. It's also very much about relationships and people's dreams.   
All these photographers have enormous passion for their job. We begin to share it ourselves after watching this energetic, funny and engaging series. Project "Personal Portrait" was executed in Warsaw in years 2017-2021 by Fundacja Powiększenie.
Documentary, 30 min, 2021

This film is distributed by and available online at Journeyman Pictures

Also available at Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Network "Shortfilmwire"

Today, Mateusz Kijowski is a hairdresser. But in 2015, he was a leader of pro-democratic protests against the Law and Justice party in Poland. Since then, he has been accused of misappropriation of funds during his time as leader of The Committee for the Defence of Democracy. 'After I was accused of dishonesty, I could not find a job for three years', explains Kijowski. 'The owner of a hairdressing shop extended a helping hand'. Though he is no longer a figurehead of the pro-democracy movement, he continues to organize and attend small demonstrations: 'I am sure that we can build a better world together', he says, practicing for a speech.
(Jerzy i Jerzy na Jeziorach)
Documentary, 27 min, 2018

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Two old men enjoy life on a sailing holiday.
This may be the last such summer for one of them.
George and George are both 83 years old. Every summer they sail together on the Mazury lakes in Northeast Poland, happy with the simplicity of life, the beauty of nature and their friendship. This might be the last such summer together. One of them is becoming weak. His hands tremble, his balance is off. The other George gently takes care of his friend. This short documentary, shot entirely in a verité style, shares an intimate image of friendship and the joy of life with a twist of humour.
OUT OF THE BLUE (trailer)
Documentary, 31 min, 2016


Film produced and distributed by 
Wajda Film School

At a small coma clinic, parents of ill children laying a state of coma support and help each other in the stress. Parents live at the rooms of their children, spending all time with them. The friendships emerge. Life in this coma clinic is like life in a bubble. Film is a gentle and full of humor tribute to these people who stand their own tragedy with dignity and human compassion.
(Opowiesci z Miasta Warszawa)
Documentary, 27 min, 2011/2019

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Optimism of this film can rebuild the belief in humanity.
Compilation of five multimedia shorts from 2011; entertaining vignettes about everyday life in Warsaw. Some of these shorts were used on websites of The New Yorker, The Atlantic and awarded at POYi 2012.
-The challenges faced by the young employees of the Polish call centers.
-The oldest (and perhaps the happiest) DJ at the Warsaw club.
-Life and thoughts of employees at the recycling facility.
-An American expat in Warsaw does not like to be in Poland.
-The friendship of commuters at the train to Warsaw.

Piotr Malecki photographer and filmmaker

Photojournalist, filmmaker and DOP.
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